I was inspired to create this jewelry line for a number of different reasons. All my life I grew up around Native American jewelry, I’m a fifth generation jeweler and my family owns Native American trading posts in New Mexico. I’ve been around jewelry and Native American artifacts my whole life. I have such a passion for what I do and I absolutely love creating and designing unique jewelry that you can’t really find anywhere else made by Native Americans.

Ever since I was a little girl I have been fascinated by all gemstones. I wondered how they were created, what gave them their unique color, and how they sparkled. That’s why I decided to go to Gemological Institute of American in Carlsbad, CA to pursue my knowledge of gemstones and jewelry. There I got my graduate gemologist certificate.about-jerry-wname.jpg

After I finished school at G.I.A I moved back home to New Mexico, that’s when silver hit 40 plus dollars. I noticed all these talented silver smiths were out of work and couldn’t stand to see such great American artists struggling to find work. That’s when I started designing a new line of jewelry with higher end gemstones and traditional Native American designs. 

My home life in New Mexico is very unique and things I see every day inspire me to come up with new jewelry designs. Not only do I come from a family of jewelers, my family is also ranchers. We are country people. For fun we go up to the mountains and gather cattle and ride horses. I love animals so much and I especially love horses. New Mexico has beautiful landscapes, sunsets, and culture. I try to go around and experience that as much as possible.

My great, great, great grandfather Mohon was a fine jeweler from Turkey, Texas. I’m a fifth generation jeweler so jewelry runs in my blood.
I love collaborating with the Native American artists, together we come up with high-end affordable jewelry. When you buy jewelry from our company you are buying direct, no middle-man. I love laying out stones on a tray with the artists and coming up different designs. Each necklace, pendant, ring, and earring means something to me with a story behind each piece.

Even when I was a child I loved the look and sparkle of gemstones, every thing about stones and crystals fascinated me. I would even climb up on my granny’s table and look at the crystals of her chandelier and I would be so curious to how they sparkled and shined. Stones intrigued me so I decided to go to GIA, Gemological Institute of America, to pursue my knowledge and love for gemstones.

My father has been trading with the Native Americans for over 40 years now and has taught me the business. The Native American people are very talented artists and silver smiths; they make a form of art that is so rare and beautiful. Making jewelry is their livelihood. Native American jewelry is a dying art form but by doing TV it is exciting for the these artists because they have the chance to become famous.

I know I’m young but I have found a passion in what I am doing and I love the journey it has taken me on this far. I want to and will continue making jewelry and coming up with new and exciting pieces of jewelry. As a company we continue looking for rare and new stones. Sharing our love for Native American jewelry with the world makes all the hard work worthwhile.


Top is Campitos Turquoise light blue, middle is Agave Green Turquoise, and bottom is deep Blue Campitos Turquoise

Photos of turquoise rough slabs, we cut a majority of our stones in shop so we are able to do a lot of fun, funky shapes etc. Top photo is baby blue Campitos turquoise, middle is Agave Green Turquoise, and bottom is deep blue Campitos Turquoise.